Olivia Woodford

Bible Women Speak

Performances, Retreats, CDs

My experience of the power of sacred drama has developed over a lifetime career in creating theatrical productions as a vehicle to stirs the soul and speak to our heart's longing. With a BFA in Theater from Boston University, I have performed and directed theater in regional theater and off-Broadway, and have taught theater to people of all ages.

A member of Network of Biblical Storytellers Int'l, the Founder of Healing Theatre, and a professional storyteller, I have explored the nature and power inherent in stories. With a career focused on how to marry theater with the sacred, I was inspired to create sacred dramas based on the gospels to have the words and verses leap from the page and into our lives and hearts in a meaningful and beautiful way.

By using the viewpoint and experiences of the women of the gospels, a portal opened to being able to imagine what it may have been like to meet and know Jesus.  From this, a series of plays emerged that illuminate the experience Jesus’ followers may have had, the role of women in His ministry and the cultural tasks and realities of Israel at that time.

I began to perform these one-woman plays to Christian communities and schools of all denominations across the country and internationally.  Clergy, church leaders and educators then asked if I would facilitate retreats where vignettes of the performances could be presented along with the research and background that went into creating them, and from this inspire reflection and discussion.

What began as a labor of love has grown into a ministry that has deepened my faith and brought me into a fuller and richer relationship with Jesus and the community of His followers. Being able to share this ministry with others is my profound joy. 

If your church, school, retirement home, or group is interested in hosting a performance or retreat, I look forward to talking with you about how we can make this happen.


My ministry began with a yearning to know what it would have been like to be in Israel and meet Jesus, hear His teachings and witness the events of his birth, ministry, death and Resurrection; I began a personal journey of contemplation, study of scripture, and research of theological texts. Creating sacred dramas became a way for me to nurture my faith.