The best retreat I have been to – informative, funny, reflective.  Loved it!

Esther Bowling, St. Eugene’s Ladies’ Guild Retreat

Olivia, through her writings and presentations, brings scripture to life in such a way as to open up channels of insight, healing and growth.
Pastor Jill King, Our Savior Lutheran, Durham

Hearing the Gospel from a woman’s point of view is life-changing.  Olivia’s insight into the lives of the women… gave fresh look at the Scriptures. 
Suzanne Hoades, Church of the Brethren, Boones Mill, VA

Olivia’s talents reflect the Lord’s splendor. Her works give those who hear her hope and joy. – Deacon Phil Rzewnicki, Managing Director, Avila Retreat Center

Olivia’s faith, love and compassion shine forth!  She is a true artist! …(The highlight of the retreat) was certainly the presentations – but also the chance to discuss, reflect, affirm, and support one another.

Dawn Mitchell, Avila Retreat Center, Durham, NC

It makes me to want to learn more and to read the Bible.  I need to.  These retreats are needed.

Phyllis Bristed, Avila Retreat Center, Durham, NC

It is a great subject matter and Olivia presents these ideas very realistically.  She is very knowledgeable and often funny.  Very engaging.

Jody Zeillman, Holy Infant Catholic, Durham, NC

Olivia brings to life, not only the reality of these Biblical women, but a connection with who I am as a woman today in God’s kingdom…in hearing the possibilities of who these women were, I gave myself permission to ask “who am I today?” and what is it about me “that cannot be taken away”
Sue Kiryluck, Zebulon United Methodist, Zebulon, NC

Her writing ability is wonderful and her passion genuine.
Cindy Pruette, Zebulon United Methodist, Zebulon NC

I want to go home and read the other passages (provided) and learn more.  It has made me excited about the bible again.
Susan Pfeffer, St. Michael’s Catholic, Cary, NC

I am at a time where I have gotten away from my faith.  Life has gotten in the way, but realize during this retreat how much I want it in my life and need to make time for it.

Carol Wilson, Avila Retreat Center, Durham, NC

Olivia opens your heart and mind to experience the Gospel women. Olivia takes the familiar and helps us to see it in another way.
Susan Denault, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Durham

Olivia was given a special grace from God to convey his love of us.

Joan Staryah, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Raleigh, NC

I felt very present throughout the retreat…Olivia made all the Mary’s real!
Linda Crumpacker, Hollins Road Church of the Brethren, VA

(from the "Mary, Mary, Mary" retreat)

Such a moving experience. Something to be experienced.
Corren Howard Rummel, Zebulon United Methodist, Zebulon, NC

Olivia’s stories are a bridge which connects us to people we read about from long ago.
Pat Paschall, Zebulon United Methodist, Zebulon, NC

The combination of the plays with discussion was invaluable, as was the facilitator’s understanding that sometimes also called for individual meditation/solitary response.
Louise Hawes, Avila Retreat Center, Durham,NC

I have a better understanding of the role of women in the bible and their relationship to Jesus.  Olivia presented the women in a unique way = meaningful, visual details, thought-provoking, enlightening!  What a wonderful retreat.
Barbara Nalesnik, St. Eugene’s Ladies’ Guild Retreat, Wendell, NC

I received a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ’s love for each of us.  Jesus trusted God, as we all should trust.
Karen, St. Michael’s Chapel, Chapel Hill NC

It’s an opportunity to experience the life of Jesus and his disciples, family and friends in a very ‘alive’ way. 
Terry Hamlet, Terry University United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, NC

The workshop helped me to engage emotionally and to look at the bible readings for this time (Holy Week) from a different perspective. 
Paulette Tune, St. Michael’s Chapel, Chapel Hill, NC

Olivia brings life and emotion to the stories we grew up with from the Bible and have taken for granted. People can then, perhaps, find new treasures of understanding.
Donna Swaringen, Our Savior Lutheran, Durham, NC

Olivia brings depth and understanding to the women of the Bible.

Nancy Dunlap, St. Francis of Assisi, Raleigh, MA

The sessions helped me look deeper into myself and my faith.

Carmela Samson, Avila Retreat Center, Durham, NC

I think I’m stronger in my faith for having attended this. 
Nadine Troccoli-DiNizo, St. Francis of Assisi, Raleigh, NC

The depth in which each of the women were presented – I became immersed in their story and what their lives and feelings were.  I learned that the people in the Bible were real and had their own journeys and hardships.  They had lives before and after Jesus.  I realized we are all struggling on our journey searching for peace and coming closer to God.
Lin Cosgrove, St. Eugene’s Ladies’ Guild Retreat, Wendell, NC

The “best” retreat I have been part of in a long time.
Carol Owns, St. Eugene’s Ladies’ Guild Retreat, Wendell, NC

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