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Joanna, Chuza's wife at Herod's Birthday Party

Mary Magdalene at The Cross

Simon Peter's Mother-in-law after Jesus performs a miracle and heals her

Jesus' Mother, Mary after He has been taken down from The Cross

The Seeress in the Temple who greets Jesus when he comes to be baptized

Elizabeth, in wonder at finding she is pregnant with John the Baptist

"I have never seen a performance depicting the scriptures more powerful, moving and impactful.”
Deacon Gil Swire, Trinity Episcopal - Canton, MA

“The characters Olivia portrays are so alive! The variety of emotions they express make them so real. We were transported back in time by her outstanding writing and acting skills. She has an undeniable ability to create a place and mood for the audience. I found myself riveted to the portrayals."
Rev. Jim Bell, Senior Pastor, Rosemary United Methodist , Roanoke Rapids, NC

"Olivia's inspiring performances are Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) on steroids! There we were as Jesus celebrated the Last Supper, carried His cross, suffered, died, and then gloriously rose again. What a thrill to experience these astounding events along with the very people living them. We loved it so much we jumped at the chance to have Olivia come back and inspire our Advent with Faith: A Mother's Story. Olivia's plays are a wonderful mix of Scripture and human drama, true to the texts, yet drawing you deeper into the story than you've ever been before. What a blessing!"
Jerry St.Clair, Adult Faith Formation Coord.,  St. John Chrysostom's, Wallingford, PA

“I had four phone calls just last night thanking me for arranging [Olivia's per-formance]. I enjoyed basking in the reflected glory of a moving Lenten experience.”
Chris Lynn - Episcopal Church of the Advent - Spartanburg, SC

"Olivia, through her writings and presentations, brings scripture to life in such a way as to open up channels of insight, healing and growth."
Pastor Jill King, Our Savior Lutheran, Durham, NC

I highly recommend you having Olivia come to your church to perform. It will enrich your ministry in ways I cannot explain and everyone will feel it was worth their time. The set-up is very minimal and Olivia is very easy to work with, giving you all the details well in advance. She doesn’t push anyone to buy anything either. She simply shares a story and sets your imagination on fire.

Rev. Sandy Cheatham, Pastor, Blaine UCC, Blaine, WA

“God truly blessed us with this performance. Olivia has a marvelous gift.”
 Rev. Sharon Snider, First Christian Church, Asheville, NC

"Olivia has been to our parish on numerous occasions: for women’s retreats, adult events, and intergenerational gatherings. Each time she has transported her audience to another space and time with her dramatic presentations of Biblical characters and events. Her inspiring and imaginative interpretation brings light to Scriptures and leads her audience to “ponder these things in (their) hearts”. (Luke 2:19)  
Lynn Sale, Director of Faith Development, Holy Infant Catholic Parish - Durham, NC

"Olivia is a very fine actor who helped us imagine what it was like to be close to Jesus in his last hours. Our tendency is to read the biblical stories from our 21st century context, but Olivia drew us into the drama so that we could feel the real emotions of the women. Our members greatly appreciated her gifted portrayal of the characters, which invited us into a richer experience of the Lenten Season."
Cathy Tamsberg, Assocate Pastor, Pullen Memorial Baptist, Raleigh, NC

"Olivia Woodford is a very gifted artist who provides presentations that are spirit-filled, insightful and spiritually enriching. Her ability to make biblical characters come alive is extraordinary.
 Fr. Frank Silva, Pastor, St. Margaret's Parish - Burlington, MA

It was more than a play. I felt like a witness to actual events. I don't know what was more impressive, Olivia's performance or her script. But I do know that all who attended were touched by the experience. The youth were quiet and the adults were moved to tears.”
Jill Woods, Pastoral Associate, St. Simon and Jude Catholic, Fountain Valley, CA.

"Thought provoking. Olivia opened the scriptures for us and made them come alive."
The Rev. Dr. John Gibson, Rector, St. Michael's Episcopal Church - Raleigh, NC

“Stunning and effective portrayal of Gospel women. Everyone was spellbound.”

Rev. Bev Duncan, Co-Pastor, Pittsfield Congregational Church - Pittsfield, MA

“The Heart of the Cross is a powerful piece which touched many lives here on Sunday. The script, the performance, the power of the Holy Spirit at work were all appreciated by our congregation.

Sally Ann McVay - Groce United Methodist - Asheville, NC

“Our church was witness to an extraordinary event. Those who saw this artistic rendering of the personal awakenings that happened in relationship to Jesus were deeply moved. All said that scripture stories came alive as never before. Olivia Woodford is a gifted person. Through the vehicle of this performance she has an incredible ministry to offer.”
Rev. Allison Stokes, Director of The Women's Interfaith Institute and Former Pastor of West Stockbridge United Methodist, W. Stockbridge, MA      

“Olivia is the real deal! Her portrayals brought me close to Him. I was glad the children got to experience incredible talent and faith she shared with us.”
Anne Rhymer Hall, Director of Faith Formation, Central United Methodist, Asheville, NC

"Olivia Woodford's presentation, "Heart of the Cross" was quite moving. She skillfully portrayed Veronica, Mary,the Mother of Jesus, Martha and Mary Magdalene as they experienced Jesus' suffering and death. It is amazing how well Olivia is able to so realistically "become" these women. She takes us with them through the passion of Christ. With the music and the Olivia's performance it was truly a transformational experience for all. Not to be missed!"
 Kathy Callagy, Women in Faith Coordinator, Our Lady of Good Counsel - Methuen, MA

“insightful, moving and inspiring portrayals of the women at the heart of the Gospel.”

Fr. Chuck Taylor, St. John's Episcopal - Asheville, NC

" beautiful performance."
Diahne Goodwin, Pastoral Associate, St. Elizabeth of Hungary - Acton, MA

"Our Women's Ministry hosted Olivia for a one-day Lenten retreat. Carefully researched and thoughtfully written, her play was moving and transformative, and the discussions were illuminating.  We received so many positive reviews from the women who attended the retreat.  I highly recommend hosting Olivia for an event at your church."
Mary Beth Hribar Deitz, Co-Coordinator, St Joseph’s Women’s Ministry, Seattle, WA